Make up your own timetable

Complete English Club is open from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday. Our students decide when they want to attend classes with total flexibility.

Different nationalities, different accents ...

Our teaching team is made up selectively of experienced native English speaking professionals from all over the world. We employ a rotation teaching system so all our students are exposed to varying accents, different vocabulary, distinct teaching styles and mentalities. We pride ourselves on having a fun, dedicated team and making Complete English a great place to be. Here's our team, click on the teacher's photo to learn more about them.


The best formula to learn english!

  • We have a maximum of 3 students per class and always with the same level of English.
  • Everything in Complete English is in spoken English.
  • Our classes are fully interactive concentrating on vocabulary, grammar correction, pronunciation and understanding.
  • We also offer specific Activity classes during the week which work on more specific areas of the language.